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Our Staff

Donna Bohrn

Owner & Director

Hello! My name is Donna Bohrn, I am the Owner and Director here at Bohrn To Achieve.

A little bit about me is that I have my bachelor’s in business and Elementary Education with an emphasis on early childhood education. I have worked with children for a little bit over 25 years now.

When I was a little girl, I would pretend to be a teacher and make dittos for my younger siblings. I would make them play school with me.

A little bit more about me is my anniversary of my birthday is May 14th. I teach Zumba and love to spend time with my family. Our favorite things to do are go camping and take our boat to the lake!


Dianne Mick

Preschool Manager

Hello, my name is Dianne! I am a preschool manager with an associates degree in childhood development. I have 42 years of experience in childcare.

A fun fact about me is that I can play the piano and the trumpet and have my whole life! My date of birth is August 30th and my favorite part of my job is interacting with the children and watching them develop over the years.


Amanda Smith

Preschool Teacher

Hello, my name is Amanda! I am a preschool teacher here at BTA. I have been working with children for 8 years and am currently taking classes to complete my CDA.

My birthday is April 8th and my favorite thing to do is to go camping. My favorite thing about my job is listening to their stories and experiences that they tell me about.


Linda Haas


Hi, my name is Linda or as the kiddos call me, “Grandma Linda.” I work in the kitchen and prepare the breakfast, snacks and lunches for the kids. I have worked with children for 27 years and my favorite part of the job is the kids!

My birthday is May 17th and a fun fact about me is that I’m Boise State’s Football team’s biggest fan.


Chelsea Crane

Babies Manager

My name is Chelsea and I am the managers in the baby department! I have completed lots of Idaho Stars Trainings and have 13 years of experience in working with kids.

My birthday is January 29th and a fun fact about me is that I had a 10% chance to ever have children and now have 2 beautiful daughters! My favorite part about the job is meeting people who care about children as much as I do.


Solveig Matthews

Babies, Littles & Preschool Teacher

Hi! My name is Solveig and I work in all the departments but mainly in babies. I have 7 years of experience in childcare and took child development classes in high school.

My birthday is May 30th and a fun fact about me is that as a child, my first word was cheese! My favorite part of my job is the bond that I create with the children.

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