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About Us

What sets us apart?

Our staff

Our low teacher-to-student ratios

Our licensed child care professionals have something special going for us – we love your children! And we're in this business because we think children should have a fun, healthy, secure and loving place to go when their parents are at work. 

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1 teacher for every 4 students

1 teacher for every 6 students

Our technology

We use technology to keep you in touch with your child, and make your communication with us as smooth as possible.

  • Webcam viewing of all indoor activity areas - you can see your child play any time during the day

  • Monthly email newsletters with a list of upcoming events, and any related closures

  • Frequent communication with the Brightwheel app
    More information about Brightwheel »

We treat your child like family

We consider your child a part of our extended family.

  • We serve hot, home-cooked meals shared as a group

  • Our staff provides extra services such as Parents Night Out and evening babysitting

What we do

We teach, care and enrich children (ages 2 1/2 yr old's to school age) in an environment that fosters respect for others, the love of life, learning and friends.


We have fun and give parents peace of mind, knowing their beloved children are being cared for as well as anyone can while they’re away from home.

Daily meals and snacks

  • Breakfast

  • Hot lunches

  • Two daily snacks

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Extra-curricular activities

​Included with tuition:

  • Music and dancing

  • Arts and crafts 

  • Daily exercise

  • Walks outside (weather permitting)

  • Library visits

  • Seasonal activities - swim days, snow days

  • School pictures

  • Scholastic book orders

  • Snow day programs

For an additional fee:

Our business

We are a family-owned and operated business, with generations of experience in raising healthy, happy kids.


Our professional, degreed, management staff completes many hours of extension classes each year, focusing on childcare issues and current practices.

... is to give your child a solid foundation to succeed in life, and go further than just high school.


Our Staff
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