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Our Programs

Our facility has separate play and learn areas for the three age groups, with academic-based preschool starting at 18-months.

Infants & Babies

At this age your baby's self esteem is in a crucial stage of development. It is our commitment to see that your child is held, fed, kept clean and dry, allowed to move and explore, and given plenty of quiet rest. We have a separate sleeping room for babies and each child has their own crib. 

We encourage you to bring blankets, stuffed animals, or anything else that your child considers "theirs" and connects with. A fussy baby will be held, rocked and walked and comforted as much as possible.


Toddlers are optimistic, fun-loving and adventurous. We help toddlers learn self-help skills, like dressing themselves and toilet training. We will work with you to help potty train your child.

Our toddler play-area is safe, contained and well-supervised. They will learn to play with others, but will also have space to be solitary and rest. 

We feed a nutritious "toddler-friendly" menu and schedule naps so your child is happy and ready to see you at the end of your day. Toddlers are intent on learning language and we will talk to your child as the bright and interesting human-beings they are. You will be amazed at the vocabulary they will pick up, both spoken and in song.


This age group begins at approximately age three, when your child is rapidly developing intellectually and socially. We offer lots of physical activities, both indoor and out. 

Our curriculum focuses on language, dramatic play, math and science. There are interactive play areas where your child will learn to draw, sing, and participate in an academic environment. A menu appropriate to this age group is served daily, and naps are a part of the routine. (We also have a resting area for kids who have outgrown naps.)

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