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Special circumstances call for cooperation and flexibility

Special needs

All children are unique and we want to treat them as such. We never make assumptions about your kids based on gender, ethnicity, age or physical ability. We will do our best to main-stream all students; if we are unable to handle a situation, we do all we can to help you find alternate care.


Our staff and facility are always open and ready to handle the day-to-day care of your children. On the occasion your child is out, our costs do not go down. We have already planned for meals, activity and staff, and do not offer a refund or credits for days not used.

Health policy

We will contact you and ask that your child be picked up within 1 hour if the following symptoms are present:

  • More than 3 bouts of diarrhea within 24 hours

  • Fever to 101 degrees or more, not related to teething or an ear infection

  • Pink Eye (conjunctivitis)

  • Sore throat / suspected strep infection

  • Pronounced rash

  • Continued vomiting or diarrhea

  • Runny nose with colored discharge

  • Head lice 

  • Other suspected communicable diseases such as measles, influenza, etc.

A child may return to childcare after all of the symptoms have been absent for 24 hours. View the Central District Health Department's policy on keeping childcare facilities healthy.

Written permission must be obtained before administering any medication, (prescription or non-prescription).


We want our children to be as healthy as possible, and in a family environment like ours, diseases are spread if ALL children are not protected. We have a "STRONGLY ADVISE TO IMMUNIZE" policy - all children accepted into BOHRN TO ACHIEVE should be immunized according to the Central District Health Department's recommended schedule. We have two weeks to have complete records on a child after enrollment, so be prepared to bring in your records!


Exceptions are allowed for personal, medical or religious reasons. We request that this form be completed each year for immunization exemption.

Personal belongings

Personal belongings can be brought but they need to be labeled with your child's name. Please do not allow your child to bring valuable items, as we are not responsible if they are misplaced or lost.


Please refrain from allowing your child to bring food. If they do, please have them put it in their cubby until they are picked up. 


All kids need guidelines; we never publicly shame a child. We effectively use redirection techniques in most cases. When discipline is required we use time-out in age-appropriate increments; usually one minute per year of your child's age. 


All children are unique and respond differently to discipline. If our simple time-out strategy is not effective, we will schedule a conference with parents and staff to work out a successful plan of action.

Diet & food allergies

We serve a nutritious breakfast, hot lunch and two snacks daily, with a focus on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and variety. If a special diet is needed, it must be provided by the parent on a daily basis. 

We serve 2% milk; any other strength or special milk required (such as soy) must be provided by the family. Our facility does serve meat, dairy, citrus and nut products. However, we do keep nut products to a minimum and strictly control them to minimize exposure.

Religious holidays

We respect all religions and will do our best to help your child celebrate your unique family holiday traditions. Parents are encouraged to share with our staff and student population those special traditions. We will be observing the Christian holidays of Easter, and Christmas. If you would like us to observe your religion's holidays also, please make us aware of them.

Hours of operation & late pick-up

Bohrn To Achieve is open from 7am to 6 pm weekdays. Our staff needs a break before and after these times, and parents must pick up their children by 6pm. After 6pm, a $3 per minute fee will be charged. Your children are anxious to see you and want to go home as badly as you do. Please call us and let us know your situation if you are delayed.

Late payment of fees

The Bohrn To Achieve facility is expensive to operate and we are in the business of caring for your children with high-quality staff, meals and technology. We accept credit card payments, e-payments, automatic withdrawals and personal checks.

Weekly tuition fees are due in advance, and must be paid each Friday for the following week. If payment is not received by the end-of-day on Friday, you will be charged a late fee. If tuition and the late fee have not been paid by your child's next scheduled day to attend, other childcare arrangements will have to be made.

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